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Don’t overlook these beautiful cats. Read their stories and help if you can. We need love too!

Foster Needed

My name is Sherlock and I am a very handsome orange tabby with a strong personality. I adore canned food and dry food isn’t bad either. I weigh 13 lbs, so there is plenty of me to love.

I get along with other cats, but sadly, haven’t had the chance to meet a doggie yet.

I enjoy sitting in windows and soaking up the sun when I can, and hogging the heater when it is cold.

I am very VERY soft and cuddly, but prefer to be independent. I shy away from small children and get frightened by loud noises

My birthdate is August 9, 2020 which means I am just over two years old.

I need to find a foster to stay with for a bit. My purrents’ rent and pet-rent increased and they are looking for a new place to live for a couple of months.

Adoption might be a possibility for the right family.

Can I come stay with you?

Contact 484-624-1076, or Fosterlings (610-329-4266) for more info.

Fosterlings Inc.

Contact by Phone or Text: 610-329-4266. Leave a message if no answer.

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