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Q: Do you ever have purebred cats, like Siberian, Maine Coon, Sphinx or Russian Blue?

A: No. All of the kittens we take in are mixed breeds. While it is sometimes possible to identify Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat traits in some kittens, they are still mixed breeds. The best we can do is DSH (Domestic Short Hair), DMH (Domestic Medium Hair), or DLH (Domestic Long Hair).

Q: Do you breed cats? Can I meet the parents of the kittens?

A: No. The majority of the kittens we take in are either orphaned, abandoned, or found. There are no breeding cats at Fosterlings.

Q: Why don’t you allow kittens to go home until 12 weeks old if they are weaned before then?

A: No kitten is allowed to go home until they have all their shots, testing, vet exams, microchip, deworming, and flea treatment, and necessary veterinary care. The earliest a kitten can be legally vaccinated for rabies is 12 weeks old.

Q: Why do you have an adoption fee?

Our adoption fee reimburses the rescue for what we spend on vaccinations, testing, exams, microchipping, deworming, feeding, and flea treatments for each kitten.

Each kitten receives at least two FVRCP (distemper) boosters, first rabies vaccination (1 year), two vet exams, testing for FIV/FeLV, deworming, at least one flea treatment, and microchip.

Q: Are black cats evil?

A: Not at all! There are a LOT of myths surrounding black cats. Other than being a bit challenging to photograph, black cats are just like any other cat.

Q: I want my female to have a litter of kittens before getting her spayed. Will you take the kittens if I can’t find them homes?

A: Wow. That is a loaded question.

Here is the short answer: Sometimes. If we have room. And if you are willing to provide proof that you have your cat scheduled for spay as soon as the kittens are weaned (By the way - a female cat can become pregnant immediately after giving birth … even if she is nursing).

Please take a moment to read the LONG answer: Unless you are a licensed breeder, it is your responsibility to have your cats spayed or neutered. It is the law.

Rescues and shelters have limited room and resources. Every time we take in a kitten from a pet owner who failed to have their cat spayed it takes away place for a kitten in need of rescue.

We hear it all the time: “My cat got out and got pregnant”, “I didn’t know my cat could get pregnant at 6 months old”, “I wanted my kids to experience the miracle of birth”, “I haven’t had time (or money) to get my cat spayed”, “I think it is cruel to spay (or neuter) a cat” “I just want to let ‘nature take its course’”.

A kitten can get pregnant as young as 4 months old. Accidents do happen. Cats can escape. This is why we encourage people to have their kittens altered as soon as possible. Don’t wait. Some vets will spay or neuter at 4 months old if the kitten weighs enough. Others may suggest waiting until 6 months old. It is YOUR responsibility to have your cats spayed or neutered. Rescues and shelters really hate seeing kittens having kittens. It is not healthy for the female, or the kittens.

Ask your vet, shelter, rescue, or just google “low cost spay/neuter clinics”. We WANT you to have this information. Please ask. It does not bother us and we will not judge you. It is your responsibility to have your cats spayed or neutered.

It is not cruel to spay/neuter your kitten or cat. Your cat will enjoy a longer/healthier/happier life. Don’t believe me? Google “benefits of having my cat spayed or neutered”. See? I told you so.

Want your kids to experience the miracle of birth? Two words. You Tube. There are a LOT of unwanted kittens born every year. More kittens than there are adopters. I cannot say it enough: It is your responsibility to have your cats spayed or neutered.

Every year I have someone tell me that they don’t want to spay their cat because they are “keeping me in business”. Please. Put us OUT of business. It is your responsibility to have your cats spayed or neutered.

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